Walden, the Ballad of Thoreau by Michael Johnathon
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Adam Luckey as Henry David Thoreau
Eric Johnson as Ralph Waldo Emerson
Jesse Rose Pennington as Rachel Steurs
and Anthony Haigh as Joshua Barnett

Written and Produced by

Michael Johnathon

Executive Producers
Michael Johnathon
Robert Hewett

Director for television and movie theaters
Doug Smart with assistance from the students and staff of Asbury College

Director for Theater

Beth Kirshner with special thanks
to the Woodford County Theatrical Arts Association

Technical and Audio Crew
Kevin Johnson, Eric Anderson, Bryan Klausing, Mike
Boso, Brandon Eaves, Jerome “Cyber Boy” Gallt, John
Bacon and Rick Marks

special thanks:
Anna Dickens, Loretta Sawyer, PLA
Media, Jeff Cramer, Robert Hewett, the Lexington
Opera House, Insight Communications, the Griffin Gate
Marriott Hotel and the Belladonna Guest House,
Lexington, KY and the Walden Pond State Park in
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