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DVD Gift Set

The Walden play on DVD
As seen on public television nationwide

The WALDEN DVD/CD GIFT SET is a celebration of Thoreauís life, work and his final two days in his cabin before leaving Walden Pond. The DVD starts off with a documentary of Thoreauís life and work.

After that, enjoy the full high-definition WIDE SCREEN performance of the Walden Play. EXTRA DVD FEATURES; The Making of Walden, Conservation Tips, music and more.

WINNER: 2009 Aegis Film Award
WINNER: 2009 John Muir Gold Film Award

Call 859-255-5700 10-5PM EST

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a) First, request the password by emailing us: producer@waldenplay.com

b) Once you have the free password, fill out the information below completely. This helps us keep in contact with you, send you an email newsletter with script updates once or twice a year, provide help if you need it and gives you authorization to produce the play free of charge. Please have your Walden password ready before filling out the registration form.

Enjoy the Walden Play!

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"Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau" is a theatrical play offered free of charge to schools and community theaters (GROUPS) for classroom, home, stage and public performance only, and rights for broadcast on any media format are not granted. The script is protected by copyright and solely owned by Rachel-Aubrey Music, Inc (PRODUCER) ©2006/2007/2008/2009

GROUPS agree not to edit or alter the script without the PRODUCERS consent.

GROUPS agree to inform the PRODUCER of production/performance dates and venues.

GROUPS agree only to make as many hard copies of the script as needed to produce the event.

GROUPS agree to use the script with moral integrity and with the dignity afforded the subject at hand and as appropriate for family audiences. Come on, you know what we mean ... no nude bathing scenes in Walden pond, for Pete's sake :)

GROUPS agree not to sell the script or the music provided for the production of the Walden event.

GROUPS agree to use the script for your local event and not to make the script content available for public access, such as loading the script on websites for download.

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