Walden, the Ballad of Thoreau by Michael Johnathon
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DVD Gift Set


The WALDEN DVD/CD GIFT SET is a celebration of Thoreauís life, work and his final two days in his cabin before leaving Walden Pond. The DVD starts off with a documentary of Thoreauís life and work.

After that, enjoy the full high-definition WIDE SCREEN performance of the Walden Play. EXTRA DVD FEATURES; The Making of Walden, Conservation Tips, music and more.

WINNER: 2009 Aegis Film Award
WINNER: 2009 John Muir Gold Film Award


Call 859-255-5700 10-5PM EST
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Host your own Walden Party!

Invite your friends over for an organic green gathering, a celebration of life, family, friends and earth. Itís easy, itís fun ... and itís important. This is perfect for Earth Day or any day, any season ... after all, every day should be ďEarth Day!Ē

Simply pick a day and time, serve up some pot-luck organic food (recipe suggestions below) and make sure to get your friends to pitch in.

Read passages from Thoreau's book, Walden:
Pass the book around and everyone can take turns reading a paragraph of interest. Or, go online and collect several favorite passages and discuss what they meant to Thoreau, what they mean to us today.

Take a walk:
Down the street, in a park, in the woods, in your backyard. If it is at night go outside for some star gazing. Henry wrote some beautiful things about night and stars.

Music & Songs:
Henry loved music, so play the Walden album, pull out a guitar or gather around a piano. Sing anything home made, give everyone a chance to play or sing.

Watch the Walden DVD together: To order click here

Put on the Walden play:
Yes, be an actor for an evening in your own living room. Itís OK to hold the script while you are acting out the parts. Have fun with the lines and with each other. Simply register your Walden Party (everything is FREE) and click here to download the script

To download 30 easy organic recipes like "Thoreau's Bread," "Simple Soup, "Henry's Hangover," and "Emerson's Masterpiece" (4MB PDF file), click here

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