Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau should be a requirement in American classrooms, a prelude to a serious study of the Transcendentalist movement that we all could use a great good deal more immersion in. Kids badly need this element in their lives, and, to accommodate the exposure, the two-disc set also includes a great little lesson plan that strongly encourages analysis and critical thinking.” Mark S. Tucker, FAME reviewer

“Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau” is a combination documentary and theatrical play set during the final two days Henry David Thoreau spent in his cabin before leaving Walden Pond. The documentary that bookends the film is a look at the life of Henry David Thoreau and filmed at Walden Pond at the actual cabin site in the woods. The Walden Play introduces audiences to the life and words of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The dialogue of Thoreau and Emerson are actual quotes taken from their literary work. Over 9,600 schools, colleges, community theaters, and home schools have performed the play in 42 countries.

Sit back and take a journey in time to the final two days Henry David Thoreau spent in his cabin before leaving Walden Pond. The four character, two act play and complete lesson plan is available FREE to colleges, schools, community theaters and home schools as a performance event. Many are preparing to perform the Walden play for Earth Day.


IF YOU ARE A THEATRE OR VENUE and want to show the film for free, please send us an email for details radio@woodsongs.com

WATCH, STREAM or PROJECT TO YOUR TV the entire 58 minute Award winning Walden Play with your students as shown on PBS stations nationwide, click the screen below:

For those unable to produce an actual play, we suggest a simpler “play reading” (where actors hold the script while presenting their lines) or you can watch the Walden play as a group on YouTube or the DVD. For public groups over 20 people, we provide FREE clearance forms to show the film. The DVD comes with the entire Walden play as broadcast on public TV stations and movie theaters nationwide plus the complete lesson plan.

You can also show the Walden play as a fully produced film (it airs on public TV) in class or on a DVD projector. To purchase the Walden DVD & CD Gift Set, click here